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Boutique services for dogs of all breeds, sizes, and shapes

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You love your dog like family and would do anything for them. But there’s just something about the dreaded bath time that no one seems to enjoy. Let us do all the dirty work so you can keep your dog clean and happy with our full-service dog wash and top notch customer service!

We provide professional dog wash services in our clean, modern, open-concept grooming boutique facilities. Drawing inspiration from the best human spas, our facilities are designed to cater to the comfort of our furry guests. Our dedicated, compassionate pet ambassadors create a relaxing environment for your dog and treat them with the utmost care.

Take the stress and anxiety out of bathing your dog at home; let our professional boutique team handle it instead!

How It Works

At petbar, we make it easy for our customers and their pets to get the services they need. Our friendly, inviting, spa-inspired grooming suites allow guests to get in and out in a reasonable time and keep open sightlines and lines of communication with trusted pet ambassadors.

Our pet ambassadors have the knowledge and experience to handle dogs of all breeds, sizes, and shapes. We create the stress-free spa environment humans know and love for your pet to put them at ease during any type of service.

We love all dogs and cater our services to dogs of any size, provide pricing based on weight, and some locations offer services for cats. Appointments are required for our full-service dog bath, but we offer appointments that are no longer than a week out.

Our full-service dog washing includes:

  • Bath
  • Drying
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trim
  • A light brush out

More Than Just Dog Grooming

Petbar dog boutique: we provide whole pet care to keep your dog fresh.

We’re fully stocked with shampoos, conditioners, and products designed to be both safe and gentle on your dog’s skin and coat. The add-ons we offer with our full-service dog washing further pamper your pet, keep their dental hygiene in check, and soothe irritated skin.

Available add-ons for our full-service dog washing include:

  • Teeth brushing
  • Oatmeal baths
  • Blueberry facials
  • Variety of high quality shampoos
  • Paw and elbow balm

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