Doodle Do’s and Don’ts

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Doodle breeds, such as goldendoodles, bernedoodles, and cockapoos, are quickly becoming one of America’s most popular dog families. Most of these breeds are especially well-known for not only their intelligent personalities, or their loyal and loving hearts, but especially for their  allergy-friendly fur which make them a great fit for many homes. This unique coat is the distinguishing factor for the doodle families, and it also stands out amongst other breeds for the specific differences it has from the fur of most other dogs, and thus the specialized grooming that it requires. Below you’ll find a great resource for what makes your doodle’s fur so different, and how to properly care for it to keep your pup happy and healthy. 

The Doodle Difference

All doodles have at least one thing in common – they share some DNA with poodles (hence the “oodle” or “poo” in the name of these breeds.) This can most visually be seen in the fur that is characteristic of these breeds, which is usually more curly or wavy , and makes them low-shedding and an ideal pet for people that suffer from common pet allergies. This more prominent  texture of the coat, however, means their fur has a stronger tendency  to mat and tangle if not properly maintained. The curly or wavy texture can easily trap loose hair, debris, and even moisture, leading to uncomfortable mats that can cause skin irritation and discomfort for your beloved furry companion. 

Grooming Recommendations

For this reason, it is recommended that your doodle be professionally groomed every 2-4 weeks to ensure there is not tangling or matting taking place. In addition to this, a daily brushing schedule is needed to keep their fur healthy between appointments. Especially in warmer summer months, where their thick fur can cause more skin irritation or even overheating, sticking to a consistent grooming schedule can be crucial to your dog’s health. 

Matting is an especially painful condition for your dog, and one that can take detailed work to reverse without shaving off the entire area of affected fur. Preventing matting in the first place by understanding your doodle’s coat, brushing them often, and scheduling regular professional grooming can save both you and your pet a lot of unwanted issues. Another positive benefit to regular grooming is that it helps doodles maintain their allergy-friendly nature by removing dead hair and old dander that may be lingering in the coat. 

Don’t Forget the Paws

Because of the thickness of their coats, doodle breeds typically also experience an excess of fur growing in between the toe-pads on their paws that requires regular trimming. If left unchecked, these areas could develop ingrown hairs or other infections that aren’t visible at first glance. At petbar, our staff is trained to be highly vigilant and to inspect the paws of all heavier-coated breeds, but routinely checking the area at home can help ensure that all is well between grooming appointments. 

petbar’s experienced groomers are trained to handle the unique needs of doodle breeds, offering personalized care that keeps your furry friend looking and feeling their best. Remember, a dedicated grooming schedule isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a commitment to the health and happiness of your doodle companion. By following a dedicated grooming schedule and regular brushings, you can help ensure that your pet is at their best for years to come.