5 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs Professional Groomer Services

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petbar is here to keep your dog clean and happy! Our full-service grooming option is the best way to have your pet looking and feeling their best. Thanks to our team of professional groomers and our bright, beautiful, spa-like environment, we’re able to take all the stress out of bath time. 


At our clean and modern grooming boutique facilities, we assist pets and their people parents in a calming, relaxing, and comfortable environment. We feature only the best professional pet grooming equipment, high-quality services, proprietary grooming products, and more, all provided by our team of dedicated and compassionate pet ambassadors. 


Professional grooming services aren’t just an easy way to keep your dog looking great; in fact, they provide many benefits to dogs and their owners alike. Employing grooming services can save you time and energy since our experienced pet ambassadors treat your pet with the utmost care by using the right tools and techniques, in addition to offering many health benefits for your dog.


Grooming Benefits

While many pet parents prefer to pamper their dogs at home, it can be a lot. Grooming requires care, patience, dexterity, and strength (especially if you’ve got a loveable but large dog). Depending on where you live, professional dog groomers may be required to attend training and obtain certification in order to provide these services to your pet.


We ensure that our grooming services are always outstanding and that our pet ambassadors provide the best care possible because cleaning pets is all we do. Pampering pups is our specialty!


Some of the reasons why you should book a petbar full-service grooming appointment include:

  1. We Do It All. Our full-service grooming appointments include: a bath, drying, blowout, haircut/style, brushing, ear cleaning, nail trim, and scented spritz. From nose to tail, we’ve got your pet covered!
  2. We Use the Right Tools. Our professional pet ambassadors use clean, sanitized tools for every dog. We ensure our pet ambassadors have the right tools for the job, including different brushes, varieties of clippers, rounded scissors, and adjustable grooming tables. Plus, our locations are fully stocked with shampoos, conditioners, and products designed to be safe and gentle on your dog’s skin and coat. 
  3. We Know How to Handle Dogs. Our outstanding pet ambassadors have the knowledge and experience to handle dogs of all breeds, sizes, and shapes. We take your pet’s unique requirements into consideration when providing relaxing treatments and cater our approach to best suit their needs. 
  4. We Can Tackle the Stink. While it might seem simple enough, sometimes there are things that are just better left to the professionals. If your dog needs a: gland expression, cleaning after a particularly muddy walk, deodorizing skunk spray, or flea and tick removal, we do all the dirty work. 
  5. We Keep Your Pet Healthy. Regular professional grooming offers many health benefits to your pet, including: 
    1. Bathing to wash away dirt and prevent skin irritations
    2. Detangling to keep your dog’s coat from becoming matted and causing painful skin pulling
    3. Using the right brush for your pet to remove damaged and dead hair, distribute the dog’s natural oils, and get rid of dead skin, paving the way for new growth and a healthy coat and skin
    4. Properly brushing coats to avoid excessive shedding
    5. Providing early detection of health issues related to ears, skin, teeth, and more
    6. Reducing nail tears, cracks, painful posture, and risk of infection caused by improper nail trimming


Grooming Frequency

If you’re wondering how often your pet should be professionally groomed, there are some factors to keep in mind. You’ll want to consider your pet’s breed, coat length, fur/hair type, how dirty they can get over a given period of time, your climate, and the style you prefer for your pet. Some dog haircuts can last longer than others, depending on the breed, but monthly pet grooming is usually recommended. If you’re unsure, you can always ask our team of friendly pet ambassadors what they recommend!


petbar offers dog washing service memberships, so you can choose how often you’d like to have a spa day with your best friend for one low price. All you need to do is sign up, schedule an appointment, and repeat as often as you’d like. Simply give us a call, and we’ll find the perfect fit for your furry friend. 


You’ll quickly notice how nice it is to have a clean pet all the time and the care that goes into making the experience as calm and relaxing as possible for your dog. Our mission is to take the anxiety out of at-home pet grooming by offering high-quality, upscale services in a serene environment while our compassionate pet ambassadors take great care of your dog. 


Our team of outstanding pet ambassadors is ready to make your dog look and feel their best while keeping treatments as stress-free as possible. We customize our dog grooming services based not only on your styling preference but also on your pet’s breed. Of special note, there may be an extra charge for excessive matting and other conditions we might encounter that we were unaware of prior to grooming.


Since our calming, laid-back environment is so popular, we do suggest you make an appointment to reserve your spot. 


petbar Size Guide

Small – Under 10 lbs

Medium – Under 30 lbs

Large – Under 50 lbs

Extra Large – Under 80 lbs

Huge – Under 124 lbs

Huge Plus – Over 125 lbs


Choose petbar professional grooming services to keep your pet clean and happy in our stress-free, relaxing spa facilities all month long. We make keeping your pet healthy, comfortable, and smelling great simple. 


petbar keeps your pet looking their best. Reach out today to learn more about our professional groomer services or any other of our amazing products and services!