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best pet groomer near me

What Makes Petbar the Best Pet Groomer Near Me?

There are plenty of animal lovers out there, but what sets petbar apart is our knowledge and expertise at loving your pets the right way. Each pet has their own needs, and we understand how to work with them in a way that makes them feel safe and relaxed under our care while also giving you peace of mind.

Before you ask yourself, “who’s the best pet groomer near me?” you should start by identifying what it means to be a good groomer. Pet groomers should be able to listen to their clients’ needs, execute the styles they want with care, and leave both clients and their dogs feeling happy.

Our friendly pet ambassadors have plenty of experience in animal care and know how to work with any breed, shape, or sized dog. We know that bath time can be stressful for both owners and their furry best friends, so we’ve taken special care in creating a stress-free environment where dogs can come and go without hassle.

petbar is all about quality pet grooming; that’s why we use top-of-the-line products and equipment to ensure that your pooch gets the cream of the crop when it comes to quality dog grooming. Let’s take a closer look at what makes petbar the perfect choice for your pup.

Trustworthy Pet Ambassadors

Placing your fur baby in anyone else’s care can be stressful, because no one cares for or loves your pet as much as you do. petbar understands this, and we’re dedicated to making all our furry clients feel right at home in our boutiques.

When it comes to choosing a pet groomer you can trust, you’ll want to make sure that the person taking care of your dog has a love for animals and the knowledge required to take care of them.

Our friendly pet ambassadors aren’t just passionate about working with animals, but are trained to have the necessary skills for expert animal care. We know what to do based on your dog’s unique needs and we work with you to ensure your dog gets the service you asked for and the care you and your pup deserve.

Relaxing Open-Concept Facilities

Our spa-inspired facilities have open floor plans that allow you to see where your dog is at all times. This open-concept promotes a friendly and inviting environment to make dogs and their owners feel safe and comfortable when they visit.

Our pet ambassadors are readily available to assist you, and our open layout means easy access to our grooming suites. With this design, we’re able to get your pup seen to and groomed in no time!

High-Quality Products and Equipment

We pride ourselves in our premium pet care products and equipment. Our boutique facilities are fully stocked with only vet-approved product lines, including shampoos, conditioners, and other grooming basics that are carefully created to be safe and gentle on all dogs’ skin and coat types. 

Our products are great for removing the toughest dirt, taking care of dental hygiene, and soothing sensitive skin. Our inventory includes relaxing oatmeal baths, cleansing blueberry facials, a variety of high-quality shampoos that’ll leave your dog smelling fresh, and paw and elbow balm to keep active mutts smooth all day long. 

Pet Grooming Service Options

Excellent pet care is knowing that no two animals are the same and being able to accommodate each pet’s unique needs. While some dogs, like Beagles, are easier to manage and require little to no grooming, other dogs, like Poodles, may need a few extra steps in their treatment.

Our pet grooming services include a range of options that give you flexibility and choice when it comes to your dog’s care. If you’re a more hands-on owner and prefer washing your dog yourself, we’ll make your job easier by providing the equipment and products you need to do the job, and we’ll clean up when you’re done!

Our self-service grooming suites feature stainless steel tubs that are waist-high for your comfort. No more breaking your back when giving your fur baby a scrub! We also have non-slip ramps that help your dog get in and out of the tubs safely, without you having to pick them up! 

Make use of our quality products, and feel free to call on our friendly pet ambassadors for advice when choosing the right items for your pooch. To top it all off, our blow-drying facilities will have even the fluffiest pups dry in minutes! 

If handling all that through our self-service options seems overwhelming, we have you covered. We also offer a full-service option that completely takes the stress and hassle out of washing. We’ll bathe, blow dry, and lightly brush out your dog’s coat. We’ll also clean their ears and trim their nails to make activity enjoyable again.

As an additional option, we provide a trim and style service under our full-service grooming offering available at any one of our boutique salons.

Transport to and from Appointments

petbar goes above and beyond to make your experience as seamless as possible. We offer pet taxis (only available in certain markets) to help get your pet to their appointment and back home safely.

What more do you need to know? Put simply, petbar is the best choice for you and your pet!

petbar puts your pet’s care first. Reach out today to learn more about why petbar is the answer to “who’s the best pet groomer near me?”