Keep Your Dog Clean and Happy with a Pet Washing Membership

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Who doesn’t love a good snuggle with your furry best friend, especially when they smell great, and their coat is soft and shiny? You can enjoy those moments more often with a boutique pet washing membership from Petbar!

One of the easiest ways to keep your dog clean and happy in between grooming sessions is with a bath and brush. Plus, it’ll also help keep your home free of the dirt, pollen, and other muck that your furry friend picks up on their fur and feet from outside. 

Our caring pet ambassadors are experienced and knowledgeable working with pets of all breeds, sizes, and shapes. By becoming a member, you and your best friend can enjoy unlimited baths and brushes all the time!

Petbar makes keeping your pet healthy, comfortable, and smelling great simple. Setting up a membership with Petbar is convenient, affordable, and hassle-free – we handle all the dirty work for you! 


The Best Care

We know how much our clients love their pets – and we do too! We started Petbar to make you and your dog happy. We’re singularly focused on providing the best professional services possible for cleaning pets.

It’s our mission to take the stress and anxiety out of at-home pet care by thoughtfully offering a relaxing and clean environment, much like human spas. We’re dedicated to creating a calm, safe, and serene space to bring your pet. Each of our spa facilities is clean and modern, with an open-concept design intended to give you peace of mind while our compassionate pet ambassadors treat your pet with the utmost care.


Boutique Services

Whether you choose our self-services or want help from our professional pet ambassadors, Petbar makes it easy to pamper your pup with a multitude of upscale services and proprietary products. 

Our pet ambassadors have the knowledge and experience to handle any type of dog (and at some locations, cats!) and put them at ease during any of our boutique pet services.

The services we offer are based on location and may vary, and our pricing is determined by your dog’s weight. If an appointment is required for the service you’d like, we’ll get you booked as soon as possible!


Self-Service Wash

Petbar’s self-service washing provides everything you need to have your pet looking and smelling great. 

We make washing your pet a treat for both of you with waist-high stainless steel tubs, non-slip ramps, and all the products and tools you need to get your pet squeaky clean. If you have questions about which products to use, our friendly pet ambassadors are available to help!


Full-Service Wash

Our full-service washing keeps your dog clean and happy, and we’ll handle all the dirty work.

With a full-service wash, your pet will enjoy a relaxing bath time, drying, ear cleaning, nail trim, and light brush out. It’s the easy way to keep your pet looking their best without having to lift a finger!


Full-Service Grooming

From nose to tail, our professional spa team has your pet’s grooming needs covered. 

Our low-stress, laid-back pet salon grooming suites, and compassionate pet ambassadors take the anxiety out of grooming. Give your pup the trim and style they deserve!


Pet Taxi Service

If you need assistance getting your pet to Petbar for a wash or grooming service, choose our pet taxi service! We’ll come to you and pick up your pet, take them to our spa facility, and bring them home looking like a million bucks. 

While guests love this service, it is currently not available in all markets.


Memberships on Your Schedule

Signing up for a Petbar membership is easy! Simply give us a call, and we’ll find the perfect fit for your furry friend. 

With a dog washing membership, you’ll love how convenient it is to bring your dog in at a time that works for you and how nice it is to have a clean pet all the time. Clients choose us for our clean, great-smelling, and open-concept facilities that foster open communication with our pet ambassadors and are designed to have your pet in and out in a reasonable time.

For one low price, you and your pet can enjoy a monthly membership of unlimited baths and brushes! As with our other services, our professional washing memberships are based on the size of your dog. All you need to do is sign up, schedule an appointment, and repeat as often as you’d like!

Petbar Size Guide

Small – Under 10 lbs

Medium – Under 30 lbs

Large – Under 50 lbs

Extra Large – Under 80 lbs

Huge – Under 124 lbs

Huge Plus – Over 125 lbs


Choose a Petbar membership to keep your pet clean and happy in our stress-free, relaxing spa facilities all month long!

Petbar keeps your pet looking their best. Reach out today to learn more about our pet washing membership or any other of our amazing products and services!