Professional Top Tips on Gut Health for Dogs in Summer

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Top Tips on Gut Health for Dogs in Summer

Just like us, dogs can experience digestive issues too. That’s why maintaining gut health for dogs is crucial for their well-being, especially during the more active Summer months. As the temperature rises and outdoor adventures become the norm, it’s crucial to pay extra attention to your dog’s well-being. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of our top tips to help keep your hairy companion in top shape for all their outdoor adventures, long walks, and plenty of fun under the sun.

Joint Health and Gut Health Go Hand in Paw

Did you know that gut and joint health for dogs is closely linked? Issues like arthritis, for example, can lead to reduced physical activity, which in turn affects digestion. You can contribute to your dog’s joint health by providing them with proper nutrition and supplements designed to support joint health. You can also incorporate joint-supporting ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin into your dog’s diet. These nutrients can help reduce inflammation and support healthy joints. 

Optimize Your Dog’s Diet

What you put into your dog’s bowl plays a vital role in what goes on in their gut. Providing a balanced and nutritious diet for your pup is key to achieving a strong and healthy gut. Consider incorporating gut-friendly ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber into your dog’s meals. These foods promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract, aiding digestion and nutrient absorption. 

A proper diet can also play a role in your dog’s urinary tract health. Just like gut health, urinary health is an essential aspect of your pet’s health and well-being. If your dog is prone to urinary tract issues or you want to take preventive measures, consider incorporating dog food formulated for urinary health into their diet. You can speak to your vet or speak to one of our professional groomers on your next visit for advice on which dog food is best for your pup. 

Hydration Is Essential

Dogs rely on proper hydration to maintain a healthy digestive system and well-being. In the Summer heat, it’s important to ensure that your dog always has access to fresh water. It could be a good idea to keep their water bowl filled and readily available, both indoors and outdoors, so they can quench their thirst whenever they need to.

In addition to providing fresh water, you can incorporate moisture-rich foods into your dog’s diet to increase their water intake. Foods like cucumbers and watermelon not only offer a refreshing treat but can also be a delicious way to keep your dog cool and well-hydrated during those hot Summer days.

Regular Exercise Helps

Physical activity is not only beneficial for keeping your dog fit and active but also plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy gut. Regular exercise promotes healthy bowel movements and helps prevent issues like constipation, which can impact your dog’s digestive system.

Taking your dog for daily walks or engaging in fun playtime sessions provides them with the necessary exercise along with the added benefit of offering an opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion.

Mind the Treats

While treats are an excellent way to show love to your furry friend, it’s important to be mindful of the quality and quantity you provide. Some commercial treats can be high in fat and artificial additives that can upset your dog’s stomach. Opting for natural, low-fat treats with high-quality ingredients, such as lean proteins and whole grains, is a great way to ensure you’re giving your furry friend something delicious and nutritious. 

Better yet, preparing homemade treats allows you full control over the ingredients, ensuring they are tailored to your dog’s specific dietary needs. 

Trips to the Vet and Groomer

Taking your dog for regular check-ups is essential for maintaining your dog’s overall well-being. One benefit of dog health testing is that your vet can identify potential issues early on and catch any underlying problems before they develop into more serious conditions. 

Plus, our professional groomers have years of experience and know how to spot common health issues. Every time you bring your dog for a grooming service at one of our salons, we incorporate basic health checks, like checking for lumps or infections, to help ensure your dog is in tip-top shape, from head to tail. 

As summer approaches, it’s vital to prioritize your dog’s gut health so they can be their most active selves!

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