All About Pet Grooming: How We Became Dog’s Best Friends

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Petbar is all about pet grooming services, so much so, it’s our specialty! With a singular focus on pampering pets, our clean and modern open-concept grooming spa facilities set a calm and relaxing tone while our caring pet ambassadors provide upscale services and keep your pet’s unique needs in mind.

We’re proud to offer a variety of services to our furry guests while catering to their comfort and treating them with the utmost care. It’s our mission to take the stress out of grooming your pet, and we’re able to do so by thoughtfully offering a relaxing and clean environment, much like human spas.

We’re dedicated to creating a calm, safe, and serene space to bring your pet. Each of our spa facilities is clean and modern, with an open-concept design intended to give you peace of mind while our compassionate pet ambassadors pamper your pup.

Petbar boutique services are designed to please pets of all breeds, sizes, and shapes. Our pet ambassadors have the knowledge and experience to handle any type of dog (and, at some locations, cats!) and put them at ease during any of our pet services.


How Petbar Got Its Start

While getting to know the Petbar brand, you may be curious how we became dog’s best friends.

Petbar founders Dan and Ashley O’Laughlin had the vision to start the company when their dog, 8-lb. schnauzer, Bella, was in between groomers. Bella’s previous groomer had moved away, and they wanted to keep her clean and happy. They found it too messy and time-consuming to attempt at home, and along with that, too difficult to find another groomer they trusted to provide the level of care they were used to in a manner of time that suited their needs.

Having previously operated gyms and tanning salons, Dan and Ashley were looking for a new business venture. Soon, they came up with the concept for petbar, a full-service and self-service pet wash, and boutique with subscription-based options.

Dan and Ashley wanted to focus on making their business everything they wanted as pet parents: spotless, odor-free, friendly, and relaxing. Drawing inspiration from the best human spas:

“We made the store everything we always wanted. It was spotless, it smelled great, and was an open-concept layout with an Austin-inspired interior. Unlike all other grooming spas, it is an open concept that is friendly and inviting and you can speak to the team members and see where your pets will be at all times. It is also built to have your pet in and out in a reasonable time.”

The first petbar location opened in 2015 in Highland Park, Texas. Following the first location’s success, petbar added one additional corporate locations, and began offering franchise opportunities in 2019. In the four years since petbar began franchising, they’ve welcomed more than 26 new franchise owners who will be opening 70 locations across the country. And they’re just getting started!


We’re All About Dog & Pet Grooming Services

Petbar is the best choice to have your dog looking and smelling great in no time with our
upscale services. Cleaning is all we do: we’re all about dog and pet grooming! Unlike large retail stores or hyper- focused smaller salons, we ensure that our services are always exceptional and tailored to your pet’s unique needs.

At petbar, we keep your dog clean and happy with a range of full-service and self-service pet spa offerings. We offer full-service washing, full-service grooming, or dog haircut services. We also offer full-service and self-service cleaning options, including washing and grooming. The best part of any of our services? We do all the dirty work!

Our low-stress environment makes all the difference when entrusting us to care for your best friend! You can count on our professional pet ambassadors to provide the very best services for your pet. Our dedicated pet ambassadors are knowledgeable and experienced and can handle dogs of all breeds and shapes, no matter the size. 

We also feature a variety of whole-pet care products to keep your dog clean and happy, whether pampered at home or at one of our locations. We’re fully stocked with vet-approved shampoos, conditioners, and products designed to be safe and gentle on your dog’s skin and coat. The products we offer are a great add-on to any of our services and a way to further pamper your pet, keep their dental hygiene in check, and soothe irritated skin.

Some of the products we stock include:

  • Oatmeal baths
  • Blueberry facials
  • A variety of high-quality shampoos
  • Paw and elbow balm

Petbar is leading the pack by making cleaning your dog fun and a treat for both of you!

Petbar keeps your pet looking their best. Reach out today to learn all about our pet grooming services or any other of our amazing products and services!